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  • I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried
  • The Only Thing I Want
  • Blue Bonnett Lane
  • Tomorrow I'll Cry
  • Bright Lights & Country Music
  • For A Minute There
  • Let Me Love The Leavin' From Your Mind
  • Sugar Moon
  • Shoes
  • Silver Dew
  • Darlin' You're Stronger Than Me
  • Footsteps To Nowhere
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Bright Lights & Country Music CD

  • Twin Fiddles Turn Me On
  • It's The Cheatin' She Loves
  • She's Killin' Me
  • Angel Judy
  • Ever Since My Baby Went Away
  • Let's Get It Over And Done With
  • Pretty Words
  • I Just Can't Take It Anymore
  • She Went A Little Bit Farther
  • She Won't Let Me Forget Her
  • One More Rose
  • The Day You Left Me
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Twin Fiddles Turn Me On CD

  • Please Help Me I'm Falling
  • With Pen In Hand
  • I've Enjoyed As Much of This As I Can Stand
  • Sooner Or Later
  • There's Not A Cow In Texas
  • The Image Of Me
  • The Fiddle Man  
  • Things Have Gone To Pieces
  • Tool Pusher From Snyder
  • Sorry, Sad And Lonesome  
  • I Entertain Myself With Memories
  • Walking Tall
The Fiddle Man CD

  • Two Empty Glasses  
  • Sometimes I Talk In My Sleep
  • Think of Me When A Fool Is Talked About
  • Cotton Eyed Joe
  • Sally Bryson
  • Whisky River
  • Castle In the Sky
  • Footprints of A Fool
  • Rubber Dolly
  • Big Mammou  
Two Empty Glasses CD

  • Mama Was The Rose of San Antone  
  • Down In Mexico
  • You Don't Care What Happens To Me
  • I'll Go To A Stranger
  • Just Thought I'd Let You Know
  • Leavin' And Saying Goodbye
  • Night Life
  • One More Time  
  • Play Me Something I Can Swing To
  • Riding My Thumb To Mexico
  • Snow Deer
  • Soft Rain
Play Me Something I Can Swing To CD

  • Country Girl
  • Time Changes Everything
  • My Love Song To You
  • Golden Slippers  
  • Undo The Right  
  • When It's All Said And Done
  • Invitation To The Blues
  • Sugar In The Coffee
  • My Miss Used To Be
  • Statue Of A Fool
  • A Way To Free Myself
  • This Room Is So Crowded
When It's All Said And Done

  • What A Way To Live
  • My Confession  
  • The 24th Hour
  • Walk Me To The Door  
  • Before I Could Change Her Mind
  • Jacques Pierre Bardeaux
  • Close Up The Honky Tonks
  • If He's Moving In I'm Moving Out
  • Tater Pie
  • Welcome To My World
  • Jessie Polka
  • Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
Music That I Love

  • The Key's In The Mailbox  
  • Fool To The Flame  
  • Nothing Quite Like Texas
  • Big Balls In Cowtown
  • You Don't Have To Be From Texas
  • Corrine Corrina
  • Cindy's Eyes
  • Milk Cow Blues
  • She Had A Right To Go Wrong
  • I Won't Be Back Tonight or Ever
  • The Last Letter
  • You Took Her Off My Hands
The Key's In The Mailbox

  • Choose The One You Want
  • I Danced With Your Picture
  • All Night Long  
  • My Adobe Hacienda
  • You're Making A Memory Out of Me
  • Old Fashioned Love
  • My Mary
  • Texas Fiddle Man  
  • Looking Over My Shoulder
  • Rosetta
Choose The One You Want

  • New Road Under My Wheels  
  • Maiden's Prayer
  • Hang Your Head In Shame
  • She Won't Let Me Forget Her
  • Bottle Baby Boogie
  • Carrying On The Show  
  • That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome
  • Fiddle Tune Medley
  • Your Memory's Still Living Here
  • Corn Flower Waltz
New Road Under My Wheels

  • Texas Fiddle Man
  • Deep Water  
  • My Confession
  • Rosetta
  • Heifer In The New Ground  
  • Right Or Wrong
  • When It's All Said And Done
  • Oklahoma Hills
  • When You Leave Amarillo
  • Carrying On The Show
  • You Don't Care What Happens To Me
  • Fiddle Tune Medley
  • Theme Song
"Live" At Cain's Ballroom